Fr. John Domin

1923 - 2017


Resurrection Church

Tualitin, OR

Tue  6/13 10:30 am


About Jean Germano

The artist standing in front or her work at a recent exhibit at the Oregon Catholic Press in Portland Oregon.



Artist Statement


After years of studying and working in the field of art I suddenly became aware of the art of illumination. It came at a time when I was seeking prayer in my life and I immediately connected with these magnificent images. I knew I could never duplicate the rigid discipline of the ancient illuminators but I found when I began to work on a piece I was transported to a place outside of myself, a prayerful place of calm and peace. Some of the pieces shown have been inspired by a specific work, others are an attempt to bring originality to the piece. I find the repetitive action of grinding pigments to be meditative. It is my hope that when you look at these pieces you will be inspired to learn more about this form of art.                                        The art of Jean Germano


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